Party crashers are problematic individuals looking for a good time without concern for the host and often cause extensive damage which needs to be repaired. Similarily, you may have heard of Leaky Gut and if you’re not sure what it is, then think of Party Crashers.

A healthy gut wall is made up of a wall of cells called tight junctions functioning as a barrier to keep larger proteins out. Behind the gut wall are lymphatic cells which lead to the circulatory system. When the barrier is compromised, a cascade of events occur leading to an immune reaction and inflammation throughout the body.

Reasons why the gut barrier becomes compromised:

  • Stress (both physical and emotional)
  • yeast
  • parasites
  • fungal overgrowth
  • smoking
  • environmental pollution
  • chemotherapy
  • radiation
  • dysbiosis (from long term antibiotics for example)

 Outline of what happens in leaky gut:

  1. Space between cells allows proteins to leak through
  2. Proteins interact with lymphatic cells
  3. Inflammation occurs
  4. Inflammatory messages find its way to the blood
  5. Inflammatory messages are circulated throughout the body
  6. Causes symptoms in different organs and body systems

While all the inflammation is occurring throughout the body, the lymphatic system is dealing with it in another way. In other words, the immune system reacts as a means of protection, so IGG antibodies are produced causing food intolerances or sensitivities.

Examples of outcomes of leaky gut:

Party crashers are opportunistic. With a good gut barrier they cannot get through and cause all the problems. As Hippocrates stated, “all diseases begin in the gut,” So repairing the gut is vital to regulate gut barrier function and rebuild health. 

If you think you may have leaky gut and would like some help, then read about how an Initial Naturopathic Appointment can help.


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