What to expect and what is included:

Initial appointment: Information Gathering

  1. Investigation to start a process which means gathering of thorough history including family, medical, and environmental exposures resulting in a timeline of events
  2. Investigating symptoms and the functioning of the body systems involved
  3. Clarify your goals and your priorities in your health journey
  4. Depending on the information gathered I may suggest laboratory testing for further investigation which is at your expense and optional e.g. stool, blood, saliva, hair testing
  5. I may suggest a supplement at the end of the first consult to help with current symptoms so that you can start to feel better. This includes my professional knowledge and research of medication/herb/nutrient interactions and ensures your safety
  6. You will be given a 7 day diet diary to fill out and return with at your next appointment
  7. After the appointment, I allocate time to go over the questionnaires you have filled in about your health and prepare any further questions/investigations necessary for the next appointment

Second Appointment: Testing Assessing

  1. In clinic testing and recording of assessments including:
    • Zinc levels
    • Nail assessment
    • Iridology
    • Blood pressure
    • Waist circumference
    • Tongue assessment
  2. Assessment of signs and symptoms relative to health goals
  3. 7 day diet assessment and dietary suggestions considering your health goals, nutrient status, and individual needs
  4. After the appointment, I allocate time to research and prepare a Health Plan to achieve your health goals

Third Appointment: Treatment Plan

  • I present my report of findings and your Treatment Plan based on your health goals and parameters which includes the steps and a time-frame
  • This is when you begin to follow the Treatment Plan

Ongoing during Treatment Plan:

  • Track progress
  • Retesting
  • Goal achievement
  • Continue until goal achievement, then move to a general well-being program

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