What Does A Naturopath Do?

Herbal Medicine

The use of Herbal Medicine is well documented from ancient times through to scientific studies published today, using these powerful herbs are essential to gently nudging the body back into balance.

Nutritional Medicine

Food is Medicine: Nutrition and what we eat daily makes the biggest impact in the long term and can often make immediate improvements with many symptoms, but food can be confusing with so many different opinions. I spend hundreds of hours researching this and can determine what is nutritionally best for you in your situation, this includes the use of nutritional supplementation where deficiencies are present and help treat the root cause.

Flower Essences

Used to address the energetic or emotional part of the holistic treatment which is often neglected.

Is Naturopathy for me?

If you are dealing with weight, insomnia, digestive or hormonal symptoms, then rest assured that I have helped many women with these very same health problems. Despite having an amazing medical system for emergencies, some health problems often do not respond to medical treatment, or have unwanted side effects. I take an integrative approach and address the root cause of the problem.

My Philosophy

We start ageing the moment we are conceived, so the ultimate goal is healthy ageing: to remain vital while forever learning and increasing knowledge, skills, and wisdom.

I don’t believe in “detoxes” as our bodies naturally detoxify every day, but I do believe in individualised treatments to support body systems in need of improved function.

Small changes make a big impact. Going cold turkey or extreme dieting is not likely to result in healthy ageing. Working slowly and methodically results in manageable changes you won’t even notice while you are path to healthy aging.

Listen to your body: when your body is functioning optimally, you can follow an intuitive eating and exercise regime best for your body for healthy ageing.

My Methods

Treatment methods are non-invasive using nutrition, herbal medicine, counselling, health coaching, and lifestyle modifications. Based on a holistic approach, I use a range of assessments including Iridology, tongue and nail analysis, as well as functional pathology testing. As a Clinical Naturopath, Functional Diagnostics is more specific than regular pathology and can be crucial to assess and find the root cause.

Examples of Functional testing:

  • hormone levels
  • microbiome profile
  • food intolerance testing
  • mineral levels
  • heavy metal testing
  • DNA testing

Options for appointments include in-clinic or online.



Iridology Analysis

Iridology is the study of the eyes. It is another body sign which is observed. The pupil, iris colour and patterns help me to get an overall picture of your genetic make up. With this information I am able to identify possible weaknesses, or body systems which could use extra nurturing or support.

Nutritional Supplements

My first choice is always food as medicine, but I do recommend nutritional supplements where deficiencies are apparent, when the body is unable to absorb vital nutrients, or when diet alone will not suffice. This is individualised because nutritional guidelines differ depending on age, body size, gender, stage of life, or lifestyle. This can be ingested in capsule, tablet, powder, or liquid form, or applied topically in some cases.

Herbal Medicine

Herbal Medicine is the use of plants referred to as phytotherapy. It is the oldest form of medicine, so has stood the test of time and continues to be used thousands of years later, and without the side effects attributed to modern medicine. Sometimes nutritionals are not enough, so herbs are used. Each herb has their own personality, or medical actions which are specific for the body's healing process.

Lifestyle & Dietary advice

I have found that quite often dietary and lifestyle changes are all that is needed to make a big difference to health outcomes. I don't believe in dieting, but I prefer to work with your current diet/lifestyle and suggest small, simple changes which make a huge difference.

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