Is Naturopathy for me?

If you are dealing with unwanted weight gain, insomnia, or hormonal symptoms, then rest assured that I have helped many women with these very same health problems. Despite having an amazing medical system for emergencies, these health problems often do not respond to medical treatment, or have unwanted side effects. I look at the whole picture of health and address the source of the problem. 

My Philosophy

Nature has provided us with all that we need to heal. Each person has different physical, mental, emotional, genetic, environmental, and social factors contributing to their health, which is why I treat the whole person, not the symptoms. I educate on taking responsibility of your own health, and how important prevention for optimal health.

Sometimes our body needs support with ongoing stubborn health issues like eczema, psoriasis, acne, or healthy weight loss for example. It is most satisfying knowing that I make a difference in the world by improving chronic health conditions, how one feels about themselves, and improvement in quality of life.

After supportive measures using personalised natural medicine, my ultimate goal is that you maintain your health in the long term. Nothing makes me happier than a client not needing to see me anymore because they feel great! 

My Methods

Treatment methods are non-invasive using nutrition, herbal medicine, counselling, health coaching, and lifestyle modifications. Based on a holistic approach, I use a range of assessments including Iridology, tongue and nail analysis, as well as functional pathology testing. Functional testing is fundamental to understanding what is occurring in the body to treat it using natural methods. These can be blood, hair, stool or saliva tests which is through an external pathology lab. Functional testing include:

  • hormone levels
  • microbiome profile
  • food intolerance testing
  • mineral levels
  • heavy metal testing
  • DNA testing 

Health Consult

This is a one-on-one private consult so we can understand your whole health picture, the goals you want to achieve, and personalise your natural treatment plan.

Whether it be hormonal symptoms like stubborn belly fat, Hot flushes, insomnia or anxiety, then rest assured that we have helped many women.

Testing Available

Mineral Status

DNA Wellness

Food Intolerances

Gut Microbiome

Heavy Metals



3-Week Stress Less Program. Chronic ongoing stress increases cortisol which can cause weight gain around the mid-section and hinder weight loss. 

14-Day Gut & Skin Health ResetImprove digestive, sleep and hormonal issues, as well as balance out microbiome for healthy weight loss.

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