If you have chronic aches and pains, known allergies, auto-immune disease, or even just a growing list of concerns, then here are some general anti-inflammatory tips: Good quality sleep to regenerate your body, regular exercise even if its walking 30 minutes a day, and stress management. This is sometimes difficult to maintain, so you may need to look at any nutrient deficiencies. Focus on a diet rich in: Vegetables, fruit, nuts, wild fish, and some free range animal products.
Foods to avoid are: processed fried foods, trans fats, sugars, allergens/intolerances (you may need tests or an exclusion diet to verify possible allergens or intolerances); quite often gluten causes inflammation, as does dairy nowadays, and possibly because of the way it is processed.

In addition, an individualised program of nutritional supplements and herbal medicine can aid the healing process

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