Is red wine good or bad? Well that depends. There are always going to be evidence for and against most health claims.
Resveratrol is the well researched polyphenol which in the body mimics estrogens so has an affinity for estrogen receptors. This means it can block estrogens and stops aromatase or conversion of testosterone to estrogens. Studies show resveratrol improves quality of life in menopausal women, cardio-protective, and aids oxidative stress in aging skeletal muscle and mitochondria amongst other things. Although science is still unsure about the enzymatic activity of antioxidant enzymes, we do know that with aging, the antioxidant defence system can be more easily overwhelmed by oxidation leading to oxidative stress and damage.
Interestingly, a 2008 study showed that red wine with meat in the stomach reduces the oxidative stress which the meat causes in the stomach. Before you get too excited, the dosage is only 50ml with your meal (for an average female up to 100ml for a large male), which is only 1/5 of a cup. (Funny how the glass size from the 1700s was 66ml!) Too much and you reverse the positive effects!!! Even if taking supplemental form of resveratrol, be aware that studies using high dose resveratrol have proven ineffective compared to low doses

So, lets get real, knowing all the above and that resveratrol is:
-Soluble in alcohol and other mediums but not water;
-Stable in acidic to ph6, most stable at ph5-6 environment. Degrades highest at ph8-9;
-Degrades in uv light;
-Low absorption rate; unstable in blood plasma with calculated half-life of 54hrs;
-Organic farming allows longer ripening time which increases polyphenol content … I acknowledge the benefit of incorporating 50ml organic red wine with dinner to offset oxidative effects of rich foods like fats or meats. Plus, this low dose regular intake of resveratrol in it’s natural red wine formula with meals as originally intended since ancient times, can have cardioprotective and other anti-aging benefits leading to better health and quality of life. Then of course, if you have liver damage or other diseases which preclude alcohol intake, then this is not for you. Cheers!

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