I love Essential Oils, but I do not condone use in daily drinks or food! I use them in the diffuser at home, I even use specific essential oils in topical creams and oils. My knowledge of Herbal Medicine means that I am particularly aware of the anti-microbial action of essential oils, so they can be very useful in topical preparations, but unfortunately, ingesting them is something I am not a fan of.

I sometimes get MLM (Multi-Level Marketing) representatives contacting me to be part of their business selling essential oil products, they state that many other natural therapists are selling them so I should too. Firstly, it is against my professional associations to be promoting any MLM products. Secondly, I disagree with promoting the internal use of essential oils.

DoTerra and Young living are the two which you may have heard of. They claim to be pure and therapeutic grade. Even if they are better than organic as they claim, this still does not mean its okay to ingest! As a Naturopath, I use certain essential oils compounded with other herbs (with the mode of delivery taken into consideration), and these are used short term in specific treatment plans. For example where there is a known fungal or bacterial overgrowth, essential oils like oregano, thyme, or clove are useful with anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties. These anti-microbial actions are very effective, but one must consider the effect on the gut.

These companies often suggest using their essential oils in smoothies, cooking, and other drinks, but I urge you to reconsider ingesting these essential oils. Although I couldn’t find any specific studies about essential oils, common sense says it will affect the gut microbiome. There are warnings on specific Oils at the Royal Childrens Hospital website. Link here https://www.rch.org.au/clinicalguide/guideline_index/Essential_Oil_Poisoning/

Using them in diffusers and topically diluted in creams or oils are generally safe, but I cannot recommend adding essential oils into foods or drinks. Instead of adding lemon essential oils to your glass of water, squeeze a fresh lemon. Instead of adding peppermint essential oil to your drink, brew a herbal peppermint tea. Instead of adding ginger essential oil to your fried rice, grate some fresh ginger. Eat the whole food, because this is how our bodies were designed, and it is safe.

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