Hi, Elita here, Naturopath at Truwellness talking about sugar cravings today.

Okay, I just want to talk a little bit about cravings, because one thing that happens when you start switching up foods and removing foods that you used to eat, you start getting cravings. People get sweet cravings like chocolate, cakes and cookies, all sorts of things… and how do you get by without giving in and feel like having to restart again?

Well, firstly you don’t have to restart again. If you have a little bit here and there, it’s okay. But if you are doing a gut reset then we really need you to remove it. This is because the time that you remove it is really important for what we want to achieve. So that the bad bacteria within the microbiome that we DONT want, craving the sweet stuff, die off. So that’s the whole point. We want them to die off so that we can start craving healthier foods rather than sweet foods, which cause us a lot of problems.

So what can we do?

Well, firstly, we can switch up foods and we use alternatives like Stevia, as long as there are no nasty additives. And this means you’re getting the sweeter flavour without getting that Sugar Rush or the fructose, glucose or any of those things that are going to spike your sugar levels.

So there’s Stevia to sweeten things. And that’s really used as a transition because you don’t want to be using stevia every day forever. After all, it is a processed item, but it is better than having sugars. See it as a transition period when you use the stevia, but generally, we want to remove the sweet foods for long term health and well being, so yes replace sugar with stevia in the interim.

We do want to also cut back on fruit. One or two pieces of fruit a day is sufficient for our vitamins. The daily recommended intake of Vitamin C is 45 mg for an adult according to the National Health and Medical Research Council. We already get a lot of Vitamin C from Vegetables too, and I recommend using the Chronometer to assess your daily intake. We don’t want to peak our blood sugar higher than just one or two pieces of fruit a day. So you’ve got that, and then we also have what I think is the absolute game-changer: Herbal Medicine.

Herbs to help sugar cravings

With Herbal Medicine, some herbs actually can help you with those sugar cravings. It takes away that need to have something sweet. One of my favourites herbs I dispense in the clinic for this is called Gymnema sylvestre. When you put a couple of drops on your tongue, and you can try this experiment if you want, you just put a couple of drops on your tongue then you have a chocolate bar or something and that chocolate bar will have no sweet flavour. If you’ve ever had a chocolate bar that’s not sweet, but just tastes like, a big lump of lard in your mouth. It will totally turn you off eating it!

This herb actually does reduce the sugar or it takes away that sweet taste that you would normally get so that you don’t enjoy it, I guess. It also lowers your blood sugars and keeps you from craving that sweet taste or that sugar habit that you try to fulfil.

It does take time, but everybody who’s been through our programs, they know that all of a sudden they realize that they’re actually not craving anything sweet anymore, they’re actually really enjoying their food and they’re not rushing back to have that lolly or have that chocolate. They can still enjoy it, but it’s not an overbearing craving; they can actually live with and eat well and become healthier. So, that’s it from me today about the cravings, and if you do have any questions or comments or you need support always reach out.

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