Gut Health Bootcamp

Increase Energy, Improve Skin, Feel Good

Get your daily diet into gear in 6 weeks! This is where you get started on your road to digestive excellence with the guidance of a Naturopath.  

You get:

  • 6 week Meal Plan
  • Recipes
  • Weekly support phone calls


Once you begin on this program, you will change the cells in your digestive tract, including the lining and the microbiome. The gut microbiome is vital to physical and mental health, and this microbiome diversity is 100% dependant on the foods you eat. So, the old saying listen to you gut instinct has new meaning with our knowledge of the gut microbiome; we can change out moods by changing our microbiome diversity.


Service Features


You can get started as soon as you get your meal plan, or plan when it fits in best with you!


Nutritional guidance and meal plans. Practitioner quality supplements are available at extra cost.


Weekly one on one coaching phone calls



Results include weight loss, improved digestion, better skin and sense of wellbeing.

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