So, you start a healthy diet Monday, but that Tim Tam is too tempting, and once you get the taste of one, you just MUST have another! Then what the hell, just start a healthy diet next Monday… If it’s not the Tim Tam, it could be the bag of potato chips, whatever your poison happens to be. As a Naturopath, and previously a Personal Trainer, I’ve heard it all. For example, many decide to allocate a cheat day (and I’m guilty of this in the past), or eat well all week, then weekends go crazy with a “see-food diet,” but this often leads to general poor eating habits.

Instead of being your own worst enemy, be your own advocate for balance. This will be hardest for perfectionists, but aiming for a perfect diet is in fact unhealthy. Focusing on every calorie, gram of fat, or whether it’s organic, although seeming positive, they are all self-sabotage. So, how do we follow good eating habits without self-sabotage?

Tips to prevent diet sabotage

Firstly, simply planning ahead to avoid last-minute hunger pangs. This could be packing dried fruit with nuts into your bag to avoid getting hangry and sabotaging your healthy diet. The dried fruit is high in nutrients and nuts full of good fats which help keep you satisfied longer, so it’s a great combination.

Secondly, mindfulness and positive choices. Being aware of what your body needs, and allowing space for inopportune moments to be positive. The holiday season is here, and we will be having many “unhealthy” opportunities, but my most important rule for eating (see my Mediterranean diet pyramid) is to eat meals with others every day; to enjoy the meal and the company.

Thirdly, if you know certain foods are an unhealthy addiction for you, or that the craving is sabotaging your healthy diet, then explore mindset work. A single NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) Health Coaching session can re-program your mind, and set up new pathways to achieve health outcomes.

Finally accepting yourself completely. There are no good or bad, only choices which you make. Being present to your experience and allowing yourself to be, and that being is okay right NOW!

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