If you’ve had problems with gas or bloating, then you may be familiar with the Low FODMAP diet. FODMAP stands for Fermentable Oligosaccharides; Disaccharides; Monosaccharides; and Polyols. These are different sugars known to aggravate the gut causing diarrhea,...

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Perimenopause: Your Best Years!

Perimenopause is an amazing time of life, a time when life’s experiences make you the amazing person you are! Accepting that there are no mistakes, just lessons to be the best version of yourself, but sometimes our bodies let us down just as our life is getting...

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Fasting: Reset Your Body!

While the holiday season is usually one for overindulgence, I managed to fit in a three day water fast in between festivities, which I completed yesterday. It was my second three day water fast this year, but prior to this I haven’t done extended fasts like this for...

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Who takes Statins?

2.2 million Australians take Statins. In case you or a loved one is on Statin medication, please be aware that research shows that Statins are not protective, but actually stimulate hardening of the arteries. Common names include Lipitor, Pravachol, Crestor, Zocor. It...

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Loving Essential Oils

I love Essential Oils, but I do not condone use in daily drinks or food! I use them in the diffuser at home, I even use specific essential oils in topical creams and oils. My knowledge of Herbal Medicine means that I am particularly aware of the anti-microbial action...

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Break the dieting Self-Sabotage Cycle

So, you start a healthy diet Monday, but that Tim Tam is too tempting, and once you get the taste of one, you just MUST have another! Then what the hell, just start the healthy diet next Monday… If its not the Tim Tam, it could be the bag of potato chips, whatever...

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